Product Features: The GDS1 Vinyl Door Seal is a surface mounted sweep type made of a flexible extrusion of plastic. It is suitable for sliding and swinging doors. The installation is simple and does not require the door to be removed.
Location: Door bottom or sliding door edge.
Sealing Gap: 3mm ~ 10mm
Product length: 915mm & 1200mm(can be cut to desired length)
Seal Material: Modified PVC (Color available: White, Brown & Clear)

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G-71302 White 915mm X 37mm
G-72302 Brown 915mm X 37mm
G-73302 Clear 915mm X 37mm
G-71802 White 1200mm X 37mm
G-72802 Brown 1200mm X 37mm
G-73802 Clear 1200mm X 37mm