Product Features: The GDS 4 Vinyl Door Brush Seal is a surface mounted sweep type made of a PVC extrusion and synthetic brush material. This Door Seal is suitable for sliding and swinging doors. The installation is simple and does not require the door to be removed. It is especially suitable for rough textured floor surface such as slate or un-even tiles.
Location: Door bottom or sliding door edge.
Sealing Gap: 10mm ~ 20mm
Product length: 915 & 1200mm (can be cut to desired length)
Seal Material: Modified synthetic Brush material (Black)

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G-65304 Clear 915mm X 42mm
G-66304 Brown 915mm X 42mm
G-67304 White 915mm X 42mm
G-65804 Clear 1200mm X 42mm
G-66804 Brown 1200mm X 42mm
G-67804 White 1200mm X 42mm