The GGF1/GGF2/GGF3 Gap Filler Rod is a 15mm/10mm/6mm    Diameter flexible extrusion of Open Cell Foam.
This backing rod is suitable for domestic and commercial application where deep cracks or gap need to be filled in conjunction with caulking product.
Location: Any deep crack or gap
Sealing Gap: Up to 15mm
Product Length: 5, 25, 50, 100meters ( to be cut in desired length)
Seal Material: Extruded Polyethylene Foam (White)

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G-81210 White Dia. 15mm X 5M
G-81219 White Dia. 10mm X 5M
G-81217 White Dia. 6mm X 5M
G-81304 White Dia. 15mm X 25M
G-81305 White Dia. 10mm X 50M
G-81306 White Dia. 6mm X 100M