Product Features: The GWS3 Poly-Seal is self-adhesive surface mounted weather seal made of flexible soft density PVC closed cell foam. The closed cell foam can create a waterproof barrier when compressed, while still being flexible enough to seal uneven surfaces. The higher density foam has a greater resistance to water penetration. These products have three variety colors to suit most décor window or door frame application. The installation is simple and does not require the door/window to be removed.
Location: Door and Window jamb.
Sealing Gap: 2.5mm – 4.8mm
Product Length: 5 &1 00meters (can be cut to desired length)
Seal Material: Closed Cell Foam (Brown, Grey and White)

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G-21102 White 4.8mm X 9mm X 5M
G-22102 Brown 4.8mm X 9mm X 5M
G-23102 Grey 4.8mm X 9mm X 5M
G-21301 White 4.8mm X 9mm X 100M
G-22301 Brown 4.8mm X 9mm X 100M
G-23301 Grey 4.8mm X 9mm X 100M