Product Features: The GWS7 Talented-Seal is self-adhesive surface mounted weather seal made of flexible Hard density PVC closed cell foam. The closed cell foam can create a waterproof barrier when compressed, while still being flexible enough to seal uneven surfaces. The higher density foam has a greater resistance to water penetration. This weather seal is suitable for domestic and commercial (industrial project), pole barn, metal building and exterior application. The installation is simple and does not require the door/window to be removed.
Location: Edges and jambs.
Sealing Gap: Up to 4.8mm.
Product Length: 10, 30, 75meters (can be cut to desired length)
Seal Material: Closed Cell PVC Foam (Black)

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G-28303 Black 4.8mm X 25mm X 30M
G-28503 Black 4.8mm X 25mm X 10M